Curriculum Vitae

Maja Pogačnik, Mag. art.

Born 1959 in Slovenia.


1978 Matura school leaving exam at the Secondary School for Design in Ljubljana (graphic design)
1983 Diploma at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna (master class for graphic arts, illustration and photographic design)
1995-2002 study trips, among others to Sri Lanka, India, China, Spain and Portugal
Since 2000 geomantic seminars and projects with Marko and Ana Pogačnik and with the Institute for Geomancy  „Raum und Mensch“  in Austria
2012 Completion of further education in art therapy and art education at "Campus Naturalis" Munich
2011-2012 Personality training seminars "Possibility Management" at Callahan Academy in Germany.

2004 Move from Lower Austria to Bavaria and in 2011 to Baden-Württemberg to the community project Schloss Tempelhof.
2015 Move to the community project LebensGut Miteinander in Lower Austria
Since 2016 working and living in Austria and Slovenia


1983-1989 graphic designer and illustrator
1984-1988 employed as a graphic designer in the alternative culture center Werkstätten- und Kulturhaus (WUK) in Vienna
1989 Beginning of calligraphy painting influenced by Tai Chi Chuan, Chinese calligraphy, meditation and rhythm
Numerous exhibitions since 1992, participation at various international art symposia and projects (see below)
Since 1993 freelance artist
Since 1999 working with art in space (movable installations) and art in landscape (LandArt)
2002 transition from calligraphic painting to painting with natural pigments
2005 development of "Nature Art" – Deepening the relationship between Earth and human beings through art
Freelance arts educator since 1990


Solo exhibitions (Selection)
1992  Tai Chi Centre "Yee Kung", Vienna
1993 StudioHatzenbach/A
1994  Middle Bohemian Museum, Prague

Mala galerija, Kranj/ SLO
Art gallery im Castle  Bialopradnicki, Krakow
1995  Art gallery Ilirija, Ljubljana
Studio gallery, Vienna
1996  Gallery Celeste, Vienna
Catle Raabs/A
Culture Centre"Kleinmühl«, Weitra/A
Strudlhof Gallery, Vienna
1997  Art gallery Commerce, Ljubljana
Culture Centre "Cankarjev dom", Vrhnika/ SLO 
1998  Culture Centre "Belvedereschlößl", Stockerau/A
Laboratorio di restauro A. Pompili, Bologna
Slovenian Culture Centre Korotan, Vienna
1999  Studio Art gallery PJ, Vienna
Ars Gallery, Gorizia/ I
Castle Slovenska Bistrica/ SLO
2001  Studio Art gallery PJ, Vienna
Raum für Kunst und Gewerbe  "Fortschnitt!", Vienna
2002  Art gallery Going 21 intern-art-ional, Vienna
2003  Goverment gallery "Ausstellungsbrücke" in St. Pölten/A
Space installation on the Ruprecht church, Vienna
Slovenian Institut of Sciences, Vienna
Art gallery "lartedivivere", Zug/CH
2004 City gallery in Domzale/ SLO
Monastery Klosterneuburg/A
Galerie in Vienna
Sculpture at "Kunst in der Landschaft" ("Art in Landscape") in Gut Gateil at Prigglitz/A
2005 Space Installation (11 m high) in Office and Seminarcentre SOL4, Mödling/A
Kleine Galerie hinterm Rathaus, Schwangau/ D
Slovenian Institut of Sciences, Vienna
2006 Old Town Hall, Kranj/ SLO
Office and Seminarcentre SOL4, Mödling /A
Schloss zu Hopferau /D
KiK Clinicum Enzensberg, Hopfen am See/ D
2007 Company Allgäu Kapital, Kaufbeuren/ D
Castle of Hopferau; Ostallgäu/ D
Art gallery KunstRaum Pettneu/A
2008 State Garden Show, ATOS, Tulln/A
Raum der Stille, Weilheim/ D
2009 Town Hall Pfronten/ D
2010 Art gallery Altbau, Irsee/Kaufbeuren/ D
Artemisia, Hopfen/ D
2012 Art gallery at Park, Vienna

2015 Forum 3, Stuttgart

Hällisch- Fränkische Museum, Schwäbisch Hall/ D

2016 Community project LGM, the days of open studios in Lower Austria, Rohrbach a.d. Gölsen/ A

2017 Art gallery ArtRü, Rünenberg at Basel

Water tower Favoriten, Vienna

2018 Conference of Godesses, Castle Laudon, Vienna

Group Exhibitions (Selection):
1996 Castle Schwarzenau/A
1997  Art symposium "Most na Soci"/ SLO
Art gallery Kunststall, Hatzenbach/A
Palais Wittgenstein, Vienna
1998  Intern. Textile Festival, Burgruine Kollmitz/A
Art gallery Rotovz, Maribor/ SLO
Art gallery Commerce, Ljubljana
Rostockvilla, Klosterneuburg/A
NÖ Documentation Centre for Modern Art, St. Pölten/A
1999  Land-Art "Roggenfeld", Jemnice/CZ und Drosendorf/A
Art symposium "Slovenia open to the art", Sinji vrh/ SLO
2000  Land-Art "Kunst in der Landschaft", Wachtberg/A
"Roggenfeld", Drosendorf/A
Art symposium "Most na Soci"/ SLO
Art gallery Commerce, Ljubljana
Art gallery Museum Tolmin/ SLO
2001  Gallery "C International", Paris
NÖ Documentation Centre for Modern Art, St. Pölten/A
Mirabell Garten, Salzburg
2002  Art symposium Europe- Africa ("Feel the other side"), Moorbad Harbach/A
2003  Gallery AAI, Vienna
Gallery IG Bildende Kunst, Vienna
Kulturkabinett "Transdanubien", Vienna
Galerie "pool7", Vienna
Art symposium "Kreart", Loka ob Savi/ SLO
Geomant. Art symposium "Zusammenfluss" ("Confluence"), Hatzenbach /A
2004 ÖGB Strudlhofgallery in Vienna
Art gallery M-Art in Vienna
2005 Culture spektakel "Prechody-Übergänge", Gmünd/Ceske Velenice/ CZ-A
2006 Art gallery am Eichholz, Murnau/ D
Culture days Passhaus, Sitzendorf a.d. Schmida/A
2008 Art gallery Time, Vienna
Specialist klinik Allgäu, Pfronten/ D
2009 Festival Ars et Aqua, Vienna
Art gallery Artikel 3, München/ D
Art symposium and exhibition in Breitenwang/Reutte/A
2010 Campus Naturalis, München

2011  Art exhibition Mainburg/ D

2013 Tempelhof Studiogruoup TAG, Schloss Tempelhof/ D

2014 Straßengallery Vellberg/ D

2015  Womensymposium South, Castle Glarisegg, Steckborn/ CH

2016 Kultur erleben (Experience culture) in 3163, Communityproject LGM, Rohrbach a. d. Gölsen/A

Art gallery Brick 5, with the group ArteMix, Vienna